Yo Mizuki CS60 NL

Wishing wellness for all!
CS60 is a healing device developed in Japan.
CS60 NL helps you to live a healthier, more comfortable, and happier life.
CS60 is a very unique device at first glance, but it has been used in Japan and all over the world for a wide range of benefits.
Please come and experience it for yourself!

What is CS60?

CS60 is a healing device developed in Japan in 2008 by founder Mitsuhisa Nishimura.
C stands for cell, S for smooth, and 60 for 60 trillion, meaning that it activates the 60 trillion human cells and facilitates the smooth flow of blood and lymph.
CS60 is said to regulate the body’s bioelectric current, decompose and discharge waste in the body, activate mitochondria, and rejuvenate cells.
Immediately after the treatment, customers experienced a variety of pleasant changes, including comments such as “I feel lighter”. 


What is bioelectric current?

Bioelectric currents are weak electrical currents that flow through the body.
Humans today live surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, and other sources.
The effects of excessive electromagnetic waves on human bio-current are immeasurable.
The wonder is that when you rub the body with the CS60, you feel a very pleasant sensation in healthy areas, but when you rub the bad areas, you feel some pain.

CS60 FULL BODY / 60min                                              85 EUR (inc. VAT)
I will treat the whole body from head to toe with CS60.
You can customize the time you want me to focus on.
*The first treatment takes 75min with interviewing your condition

*Trial campaign 70% OFF (ONLY for first 50 people)*
CS60 FULL BODY / 60min                                               25 EUR (inc. VAT)

About practitioner

I, Yu Mizuki, have been very interested in health for many years, studying various health information and doing various healthy practices myself.

I started CS60 because I wanted to help my grandmother, who had a back injury from years of farm work, to get better.
I completed my training at the CS60 headquarters in Tokyo during my return to Japan in the summer of 2022.
I felt the benefits for my grandmother’s back and opened a salon in the Netherlands, where I live, in order to spread this wonderful device in Europe and to help my family, friends, and various people with their problems.
Web site: www.cs60.nl