Barbara de Simone




My Mission

“My greatest motivation is to help others feel better. It is a privilege to accompany patients in their healing process, teaching them to be participants in their healing, addressing the pathology from a comprehensive point of view, respecting Western treatment, and accompanying it with different complementary techniques. Applying a protocol based on TCM and relying on techniques of physical and emotional help, I access the root that is causing discomfort and in this way we move towards recovery.


One of the main focus of acupuncture treatment is the reduction of pain and improvement of overall health. Patients with chronic headaches and migraines can also greatly benefit from acupuncture treatment, and it is commonly used for muscle and back pain, stress relief and overall wellness. Patients with neurological conditions also report relief after acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture can also help support better immune and nervous system function. This, in turn, promotes improved overall wellness and helps the body heal itself naturally when illness or injury occurs.

My Curriculum

– Degree in TCM by the European TCM Foundation.
– Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Academie Nederland.
– Official member of NVA (Netherlands Association of Acupuncturists)
– Master in craneal, facial and abdominal acupuncture.
Master in Auriculotherapy.
Training at the Hu Guo Si Hospital and An Mo Hospital, Beijing.
– Member of the European Practitioner’s Register Association (association of acupuncturists and Chinese medicine professionals).
– Member of PEFOTS (Pan European Federation Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Societies).
– University Degree in International Political Sciences at the Alma Mater of Bologna (Italia).
– Speaking fluently Italian, English and Spanish.

Trained at the Hu Guo Si Hospital and An Mo Hospital, Beijing, I am an official member of NVA (NederlandseVereniging voor Acupunctuur). Acupuncture treatments can be partially reimbursed with a supplemental insurance.
Telephone: + 31  (0)630 73 80 66